MasterMate Renew and Restore Powder

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MasterMate Renew and Restore Powder


Size 4 oz
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Go ahead and ride her hard but DON'T put her away wet! After your cleaning use MastermatesRenew and Restore Powder to keep your strokers from getting sticky and icky!
Materials like TPE or Silicone can start to become tacky over time and do not feel as soft or realistic as when first purchased. By using Mastermate Renew and Restore Powder as part of your cleaning ritual, you are providing the best quality of care and maintenance while returning it to the quality it was when you first purchased it. Directions: After a thorough cleaning and drying generously apply the Mastermates Renew and Restore Powder inside and outside of the toy to restore its original soft supple realistic feel. Store properly and this will provide longevity of the product and prevent tackiness of the material. Ingredients: 100% cornstarch, elements of tricalcium phosphate, zea mays and oxygen

Ingredients: Ingredients: 100% cornstarch, elements of tricalcium phosphate, zea mays, and oxygen.
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• Keep lid closed and bottle upright to prevent leaking. • Keep out of reach of children.
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