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Take pleasure in your own hands. These soft, beginner vibrators are perfect for first-timers, or anyone interested in adding more good vibes to their life. Mi-Vibe makes simple, beautiful and strong vibrators for your pleasure without denting your wallet. Give yourself permission to experience better, stronger orgasms! You deserve it.

Frequently Asked Questions - The Mi-Vibe Collection

We made Mi-Vibe products specifically for first-timers. If you’ve just begun exploring vibrators, Mi-Vibe offers a wide range of products that won’t break the bank and help introduce you to the wonderful world of sex toys!

Vibrators help stimulate sensitive nerve endings, bringing sex and masturbation to new levels with strong internal motors that rumble and purr. They come in all shapes and sizes to tantalize your erogenous zones and elevate orgasms–and who doesn’t love a good orgasm?

All battery-operated Mi-Vibe toys come with a one-year functionality guarantee.