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What is clitoral stimulation? Why does it matter?

The clitoris is a sensitive organ located at the top of the vulva (the external female genitalia) composed of erectile tissue and nerve endings. For many women, stimulation of the clitoris is the most effective way to achieve sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Can I use clitoral toys internally?

We do not recommend using small toys internally as doing so may result in the product slipping inside the vagina or anus and could require medical intervention. Clitoral toys and small vibrators are best used on erogenous zones on the body such as the clitoris, nipples or penis.

What is G-spot stimulation and why does it matter?

The G-spot is located on the top inner wall of the vagina and contains a sensitive network of nerves that connects to the clitoris. When stimulated, it can increase sexual arousal and can even lead to deeper, stronger orgasms.

What makes a G-spot toy different from a regular toy?

G-spot stimulators and vibrators are crafted with a wide, angled shaft that makes G-spot stimulation easier. These products may have a broad or bulbous head specifically designed to locate this pleasure zone easily. Straight vibes can still stimulate this spot, but an angled or curved toy will make stimulation more accessible.

What is the point of a rabbit vibrator?

Rabbit vibrators are unique, dual stimulation toys that stimulate the vaginal canal or G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. Since a vagina’s pleasure receptors are connected, most find multiple points of simultaneous stimulation extra gratifying and may result in stronger, more satisfying orgasms. There are thousands of rabbit-style toys you can experiment with!

How do I choose the right rabbit toy for me?

If you can think of it, chances are, there’s a rabbit for it! Some rabbit vibrators have beaded shafts that rotate, thrust, heat up or tap while the clitoral stimulator may vibrate, gyrate, suck or massage. Think about which kind of stimulation feels best for you personally, and we bet there’s a rabbit out there ready to meet your needs! Each product page will have information about the toy’s functions, so we recommend doing a little reading to find what’s right for you.

What is a suction toy and what makes it special?

Suction stimulators are made for clitoral stimulation and uses a gentle pulsing or air tapping mechanism to simulate the sensation of oral sex. Contrary to popular belief, these toys actually suck at all! Using innovative internal mechanisms, these toys surround the clitoris and pulses of air create the sensation of soft suction. This is a different sensation that vibration that many have come to enjoy.

Can I use a suction stimulator somewhere other than my clitoris?

Yes! You can use a suction stimulator on the nipples as well or anywhere else you’d like to feel gentle waves of sensation.

How do I clean my suction toy?

We recommend cleaning all sex toys with gentle soap and water or toy cleaner before and after each use to prevent bacteria from forming. You can use a cotton swab and toy cleaner to carefully clean out the clitoral chamber. Air dry for best results and store in a secure place away from children, pets and out of direct sunlight.

Can vibrating wands be used for non-sexual purposes?

Body wands are perfect for body massage and can help with muscle aches and pains–not just the sexy stuff!

What’s the difference between a wand and a vibrator?

Wands tend to have bigger or stronger motors, which means much more strength. They also have a larger surface area than most vibrators for better massage capabilities and longer shafts for hard to reach areas like your back or legs.

Can wands be used during sex?

Of course! Wands are a great way to pump up the pleasure during sex. Try a wand on the clitoris while in missionary, or use one to tease your partner before and during sex. You’ll be happy you did!

How do I clean my wand?

We recommend cleaning all sex toys with gentle soap and water or toy cleaner before and after each use to prevent bacteria from forming. Air dry for best results and store in a secure place away from children, pets and out of direct sunlight. Do not submerge your wand under water, as doing so may result in irreversible damage. Do not leave a wand plugged in while not in use unless you are charging your product.

Can I insert a bullet vibrator?

We do not recommend inserting small vibrators, as you may run the risk of the product becoming lodged in the vaginal canal or anus, and may require medical attention.

Can these be used on body parts other than my clitoris?

Yes! You can use small vibrators to stimulate the clitoris, nipples, outer anus and any other external body part or erogenous zone.

How do I maintain and clean this product?

Remove batteries before gently washing the product with mild soap and warm water (do not submerge in water). For best battery life, store the product in a safe and dry place without the batteries inside to prevent corrosion.

Are bullet stimulators waterproof?

We do not recommend submerging any battery-operated or rechargeable product unless it is clearly stated as waterproof or submersible on the product packaging. To be safe, do not put electronic products under water. However, they are water-resistant for cleaning.

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