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We’re all about matching you with the right masturbator. Mastermates offer the same shape and quality male toys you’ve seen online, at a fraction of the cost! Don’t shell out all your money on flashlight-shaped toys when you can save a bunch and enjoy realistic sensations and ultimate pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions - The Mastermates Collection

MasterMates is a line of male sex toys with a focus on realistic look and feel. Sex dolls, life-like masturbators and high-quality material makes this collection a homerun for any penis-owner looking to enhance their masturbation experience.

Wash your MasterMates product with warm water and gentle soap before and after use. To preserve the softness of the material, we recommend dusting the product with MasterMates Renewal powder to keep moisture away. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, children and pets. Do not store MasterMates Life-Sized Real Dolls near coloured fabrics, as this may cause colour transferring. Remove all clothing after use.

Any kind of quality water-based lube will work with your MasterMates product. Do not use silicone-based or oil-based lubes, as doing so may compromise the quality of the material.