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Vaginas come in many shapes, sizes, colours and all have different needs. With pleasure toys, it’s not always a one-size-fits-most. LOE understands the importance of high-quality, and has designed a collection of premium rechargeable goodies to fill your desires. Pulse, vibe, thrust and quiver however you like with a best-selling brand designed for vaginas, by a team of ladies who care about your orgasms almost as much as you do!

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Frequently Asked Questions - The LOE Collection

LOE is a line of premium sex toys designed for femme users, designed by femme sex toy experts! We make LOE products rechargeable and with the best quality materials and innovative designs for the femme body at an accessible price point.

Though we designed LOE with femme users in mind, anyone is welcome to use LOE products. Masc users may find enjoyment while using vibrators just as much as femme users. There are no rules as to who can use LOE products.

  • Each LOE product with an electrical component has a one-year functionality guarantee from the day of purchase. See our Warranty and Return Policy here.