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Booty-play is our favourite! Cheeky makes anal toys for all experience levels and uses only the best quality material, so you know your bum is in good hands. Have more questions about anal sex? Check out our Anal 101 guide.

Frequently Asked Questions - The Cheeky Collection

Anal stimulation can be fun and exciting for anyone, but we always recommend starting small if it’s your first time. Use your fingers to explore and plenty of lube first!

Anal douching can help clear the way by squirting water or body-safe saline inside the rectum before expelling it. Repeat until water runs clear. Learn more about anal here!

Anal lube has a thicker consistency than regular lubricants, and may contain mild numbing agents that help reduce pain. However, it is not necessary to strictly use anal lube on anal toys. You may use any kind of lube compatible with the material of your product.