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Small and mighty… Discreet, yet powerful! That’s what Hidden Pleasures brings to the sex game. These tiny titans will rock your world, and when you’re finished, they slip away totally unnoticed. Perfect for travel and self-love quickies!

Frequently Asked Questions - The Hidden Pleasures Collection

We do not recommend inserting small vibrators, as you may run the risk of the product becoming lodged in the vaginal canal or anus, and may require medical attention.

Yes! You can use small vibrators to stimulate the clitoris, nipples, outer anus and any other external body part or erogenous zone.

Remove batteries before gently washing the product with mild soap and warm water (do not submerge in water). For best battery life, store the product in a safe and dry place without the batteries inside to prevent corrosion.

We do not recommend submerging any battery-operated product unless it is clearly stated as waterproof or submersible on the product packaging. To be safe, do not put Hidden Pleasures products under water.