Foreplay Your Way Game
Foreplay Your Way Game
Foreplay Your Way Game
Foreplay Your Way Game
Foreplay Your Way Game
Foreplay Your Way Game

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Foreplay Your Way Game


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Foreplay Your Way is the only game for couples where your body is the board. Are you a bit shy and don't know how to tell your lover what you want and where you want it? Are you a new couple learning each others body? Are you an older couple and want a new way to spice things up? Foreplay Your Way is the game for for you!

Inside each game you will find:

- 4 pages of stickers
- 1 Speed PowerBullet Vibe
- Instructions
- Ostrich Feather
- Blindfold

While your partner is not looking, place the stickers with actions on them: lick, bite, massage, kiss, etc., on the body part you want the action to be done to then cover them with a number sticker in the order you want them done in. Then let the games begin while your partner searches out your #1. As they explore your body you are more than able to tell them not to go further from where they are until you are completely satisfied.

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