Aneros Peridise Butt Plug Set
Aneros Peridise Butt Plug Set
Aneros Peridise Butt Plug Set
Aneros Peridise Butt Plug Set

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Aneros Peridise Butt Plug Set


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The perfect introduction to unisex anal play, the thoughtful design of the Peridise allows for easy introduction, comfortable use, and a freedom of movement for an experience like no other.


The Peridise has two knobs which work with your body to trigger a repeating push/pull response, which also helps strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. As rectum seeks to eject the Peridise, the knobs send it back in. This happens in very rapid succession, triggering a peristaltic response in the anal cavity, increasing blood flow and generating an orgasmic response that can stand-alone or enhance a traditional orgasm..


By utilizing your body's natural responses after insertion, the Peridise begins to quiver on its own, generating an orgasmic response that can stand alone or enhance a traditional orgasm.

Aneros Peridise is excellent for beginners and advanced users.


Lubricate your anus and the Peridise plug.
Gently insert only the head of the Peridise into the anal canal, then contract your sphincter muscles several times to pull the Peridise in. Do not force insertion.
After your body is accustomed to the presence of the Peridise, begin contraction and relaxation exercises, experimenting with different strengths and durations.
As your skill and strength advances, you should start with the larger model and move down to the smaller. You will find that the smaller the device, the more exquisite the pleasure.

See the Peridise instructions HERE.


Made with Elastomed, a body-safe medical grade plastic, we recommend using anal lubricant and cleaning the Aneros Peridise with sex toy cleaner.


Medical grade plastic
Flexible base for comfort and extended wear
Small and large included
Perfect for beginners and advanced users

This product is shipped in durable retail packaging, protecting the product in transit.